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Karbonn A2 IMEI Repair Done With File Explorer — Android IMEI Repair — WWW.FREECOMPUTERTRICKS.IN

  • If you format the phone then you may loose your IMEI
  • If you do a hard reset, in some cases you may loose the IMEI
  • Due to any other software problem on the Phone

  • First your phone must be rooted
  • Now extract the and run the application on computer ( It’s a chines version)
  • Put the phone IMEI No in the box and click on the ??MP0B_001?? Button
  • On the same folder you will get a MP0B_001 file ( This is the IMEI file for the phone)

  • Copy this file on SD Card and put is on the Karbonn A2
  • Install Root Explorer.apk on the phone and open it
  • Copy the MP0B_001 file from the SD Card to /data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/
  • It will ask to overwrite Click YES
  • Then Set the Permissions to RW (Read and Write) and Restart the Mobile
  • That’s all Now your Karbonn A2 has the IMEI No ( To check you can dial *#06# on the phone)

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its not working

It’s 100% Tested and Working.

The process is first Root the phone the follow the procedure above, if the phone is not successfully rooted it may not work.

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