Hp Protecttools Security Manager Windows 7 скачать

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Hp Protecttools Security Manager Windows 7 скачать

Kindly I need to download HP ProtectTools Security Manager and Windows 7 — 64Bit

I have done it for an old version i think and it didn’t work, and I cannot find one that is compatible with my laptop version, I have tried another versions but all of them fail before ending the download process

Please help as I need to set up the finger print option, or please suggest another solution

Thanks in advance dears,

I recommend you install the Client Security Manager software, which superceded the ProtectTools Security Manager software.

HP Client Security Manager provides enhanced Windows login and website single-sign-on capabilities. Security Manager is also the host for HP Client Security plugins, and therefore should be installed before other Client Security modules. This package is provided for supported models running a supported operating system.

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